Emma, who does nothing but monitor Regina’s ever-shifting moods, chased after Regina, calling out her name and demanding to know how she could help, which is totally something that platonic girl buds do all the time. Sure, we could text “U ok?” but we prefer to run after each other dramatically, calling each other’s names like it’s our last dying wish. Typical straight lady communication.
Lily Sparks, A Tale of Two Sisters review (via ohthesefeelingz)

"What makes this bittersweet subtextual moment way more bitter than sweet is how the show keeps proclaiming via All Media: “We’re just simple Hollywood folk trying to write a modern fairy tale about two moms who share a son, who care about each other deeply, who worry about each other obsessively and who also make incredibly powerful magic every time they touch. And that somehow makes them gay? Y’all crazy for that one. Remember when we promised you a gay character last season? Oh well. Anyway, it’s Frozen™ time now! Let it go. Luv y’all/keep watching/don’t expect us to invalidate our apparently massive demographic of homophobic viewers in any way, shape or form.”


—  Lily Sparks, summarizing two seasons of OUaT writing and PR in under a paragraph.